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eHMS 健康照護App

eHMS app 為一套提供整合醫博智能防壓瘡減壓床墊(Agicare AC3000系列 & AC5000 系列)的行動裝置應用程式,使用者可以無線操作或遠端查詢雲端之躺臥記錄及護理監控資訊。

- eHMS 會員帳號資料刪除

  • 刪除帳號為永久性的,為保障您的權利與安全,帳號資料在法律法規要求的期限內被永久刪除,無法恢復。
  • 我們會刪除您帳號下的所有資料,包含:

    • 帳號資訊

    • 裝置資訊

    • 病患資料

    • 躺臥記錄

    • 照護分析資料

    • 其它所有相關資料

  • 帳號刪除方式:

    • 請登入eHMS App 後 > 點選左邊選單最上方帳號資料 >按「刪除帳號」按鈕,即可進行刪除會員帳號作業。

    • 刪除帳號完成後,將被登出,若要再次使用App功能,請重新註冊。

- eHMS Member Account Deletion

  • Account deletion is permanent and cannot be reversed. To safeguard your rights and privacy, account data will be permanently deleted within the period required by laws and regulations, and cannot be recovered.

  • All data in your account  will be deleted, including:

    •  Account data

    •  Device data

    •  Patient data

    •  Lying records

    •  Care analysis data

    •  All other related data

  • Account Deletion Process:

    • Please log in to the eHMS App > Click your account  name in at the top-left menu > Click the 'Delete Account' button to finalize the deletion of your member data. 

    • You will be logged out after the account is deleted. If you wish to use the app again, please register again.


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